Guided by Grace- Servant Leadership for the Local Church

by Dr. Paul Chappell

Striving Together

This book flows from the heart of a pastor who has learned and is still learning some tough lessons on leadership. These biblical principles have formed the philosophy that has driven the growth and spiritual development of one of America’s largest independent Baptist churches.

Leaders Who Make a Difference

By Dr. Paul Chappell

Striving Together

This encouraging book for spiritual leaders explores the lives of three great Bible leaders and how they made an eternal difference. Your heart will be challenged by the vision of Joshua, the passion of Nehemiah, and the faith of Joseph.

Outsiders-15 Leaders Who Followed Christ and Changed the World

By Dr. Paul Chappell

Striving Together

In these pages, meet fifteen leaders from history who followed Christ and changed the world. Their testimonies will stir your faith, strengthen your commitment, and renew your dedication to Christ.

Spiritual Leadership

by J. Oswald Sanders


Spiritual Leadership: Principles of Excellence For Every Believer (Sanders Spiritual Growth Series)

by J. Oswald Sanders (Author)

Featured topics include:
The cost of leadership
The responsibility of leadership
Tests of leadership
The qualities and criteria of leadership
The art of reproducing leaders

The one indispensable requirement of leadership

The Spiritual Leader

by Paul Chappell

Striving Together

The Spiritual Leader summarizes a biblical philosophy of spiritual leadership that has been lived out dynamically through the life of the author. Every principle in these chapters flows from the Word of God and from a heart that has effectively served God’s people for over two decades. Every page will challenge you to serve more effectively and to lead with greater understanding and passion.

Your Pastor and Your

by Paul Chappell and Cary Schmidt

Striving Together

Wise Christians find and establish strong relationships with godly pastors and then they fight for those relationships. They encourage their pastors, accept his spiritual watch care in their lives, and support him in his call to serve God.In these pages, you will understand the blessings in store and the challenges ahead in your relationship with your pastor!

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