The Oral Bible School in Cambodia
The Oral Bible School is a training school for Christians who would like to be involved in spreading the Word of God. This school is currently operating in Cambodia. They conduct trainings of Christian leadership through audio presentations. The Oral Bible School curriculum begins with basic evangelism to studies on discipleship. It was designed to be a sequential and integrated curriculum for pastors and leaders-in-training. Its 52 stories will give any house group leaders for an entire year. The stories were carefully chosen to share the Gospel and teach educationally, particularly animists in Cambodia, in layered fashion, teaching biblical truths step-by-step.

Simply The Story Experiencing Scripture through Discussion Inductive Bible Study - Oral Style
Simply The Story is a training program for trainers. It is developed by the leaders of The God’s Story Project. The program trains storytellers to dig deeply into Bible stories and to discover spiritual truths for themselves. The program also trains storytellers to listen well to those they teach, to be alert and prepared in responding people’s questions, and to make discussion lively so that the listeners are encouraged to think and discover.

Theovision International Oral Bible School in Ghana
Because of the high illiteracy rate in Africa that the ministry of Theovision International was born. Headquartered in Accra Ghana, Theovision International partners with other ministry organizations the record the Bible in different African languages. To date, Theovision has recorded over 270 African languages in more than 35 African countries. Through their recorded audio Bible, Theovision is reaching out to villages, churches, schools, prisons, hospitals, and other people groups in their indigenous languages in all African countries. Theovision worked with the Moody Bible School in developing an Oral Bible School in one of the languages of Ghana. They are thinking about having it translated into other langauges.

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